Rh negative and infant is Rh positive


PREOPERATIVE. Monitor for shock in patients who are bleeding. Nursing interventions are complex because of the profound physiological and psychological changes that a woman experiences with a spontaneous abortion. Monitor emotional status. Emotional support of this patient is very important. In cases of a threatened abortion, avoid offering false reassurance because the patient may lose the pregnancy despite taking precautions. Phrases such as "I'm sorry" and "Is there anything I can do?" are helpful. It is not helpful to say, "If the baby had lived, he or she would probably be mentally retarded," or "You are young; you can get pregnant again." Inform the patient of perinatal grief support groups.

POSTOPERATIVE. Expect the patient to experience very mild uterine cramping and minimal vaginal bleeding. Patients are very drowsy from the anesthesia; assure that a call light is within easy reach and side rails are up for safety. Assist the patient to the bathroom; syncope is possible because of anesthesia and blood loss. Continue to support the patient emotionally. Patients should be offered the opportunity to see the products of conception.

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