Primary Nursing Diagnosis

Risk for infection (spread or reactivation) related to immune suppression

Cytomegalovirus Infection 273

OUTCOMES. Risk control; Treatment behavior: Illness or injury; Risk detection INTERVENTIONS. Infection protection; Medication prescribing


INFANTS. Infants with congenital abnormalities require careful monitoring of growth and developmental patterns throughout infancy. Parents may need referrals for information on special education, physical therapy, and social services.

ADULTS. Treatment focuses on preventing complications and relieving symptoms; treatment varies depending on the type and degree of infection. Patients with a generalized infection receive antipyretics for fever and analgesics for aching and sore throat. Such patients need rest, good nutrition, and adequate fluid intake for chronic fatigue. Other, more severe infections, are usually treated with antiviral medications. The amount and duration of medication depend on the severity of the infection. Organ system complications are managed based on the symptoms.

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