Primary Nursing Diagnosis

Ineffective airway clearance related to bronchial infection and obstruction

OUTCOMES. Respiratory status: Airway patency; Respiratory status: Gas exchange; Respiratory status: Ventilation

INTERVENTIONS. Airway management; Respiratory monitoring; Vital signs monitoring; Anxiety reduction

Bronchiolitis (Respiratory Syncytial Viral Infection) 157


The aim of treatment is to maintain a patent airway and provide adequate respiratory exchange. Medical management includes cool, oxygenated mist for severely ill infants who require hos-pitalization and careful intravenous hydration. Tube feeding for hydration is preferable to intravenous therapy if suckling is difficult. Generally, antibiotics are not considered useful and lead to bacterial resistance. Antiviral drugs are used in the most severely ill infants.

Measures to ensure prevention are very important. During RSV season, high-risk infants should be separated from those with respiratory symptoms. Careful hand washing and isolation techniques are important for all healthcare personnel.

Pharmacologic Highlights

Medication or Drug Class




Albuterol aerosol

Per nebulizer, varies


Dilates the bronchioles, opening

Do Not Panic

Do Not Panic

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