Primary Nursing Diagnosis

Pain related to inflammation and infection of the throat and tonsils

OUTCOMES. Comfort level; Pain control behavior; Pain level; Symptom control behavior; Symptom severity; Well-being

INTERVENTIONS. Analgesic administration; Coping enhancement; Oral health restoration; Presence; Positioning, Touch


The aim of treatment for a viral infection is to provide supportive care. Usually, fever and sore throat pain can be managed with over-the-counter analgesia. Antibiotic therapy is appropriate for bacterial infections. Allow the child to get rest and provide adequate fluid intake. If the child continues to have symptoms in spite of appropriate antibiotic therapy after cultures and sensitivities, the child may represent a "treatment failure" and may need a different antibiotic. If a relapse occurs, a second course of antibiotics may be needed and a family member may be a carrier.

Chronic tonsillitis occurs in children with recurrent throat infections (seven in the past year or five in each of the past 2 years). Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy decrease the incidence of these problems during childhood, although those who do not have surgery also have a decreased incidence of infection as well. Current recommendations generally encourage physicians to avoid surgery in most cases. The decision to remove the tonsils relates directly to hypertrophy, obstruction, and chronic infection.

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