Primary Nursing Diagnosis

Activity intolerance related to imbalance between oxygen supply and demand

OUTCOMES. Energy conservation; Endurance; Self-care: Activities of daily living; Ambula-tion: Walking; Circulation status; Immobility consequences: Physiological; Mobility level; Nutritional status: Energy; Symptom severity

INTERVENTIONS. Nutritional management; Medication management; Energy management; Exercise promotion; Exercise therapy: Ambulation; Surveillance; Vital signs monitoring


The two primary goals of treatment are to diagnose and correct the underlying cause of the iron deficiency and to correct the iron deficit. Medication therapy involves administering supplemental iron, which often shows results in the form of increased patient energy within 48 hours. Blood transfusions are not recommended for iron supplementation and should not be used to treat IDA unless there is cerebrovascular or cardiopulmonary compromise. Dietary supplementation of iron-rich food is needed to complement therapy and serve as a preventive model against future recurrence of the anemia. Pregnant women may also need to take prenatal vitamins and iron supplements.

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