Calcifying odontogenic cyst

Though often cystic, this lesion can also be solid and may be a benign odontogenic tumour.

Incidence Rare. Any age can be affcctcd but the lesion is most often detected in the second decade.

Microscopy Fibrous wall with lining predominantly of squamous epithelium but the basal layer may be columnar and ameloblast-like. Abnormal kcratinization of spinous cclls produces ghost cclls consisting of distended eosinophilic epithelial cclls either anuclcar or occasionally containing nuclear remnants (Figs 70, 71 & 72). Patchy calcification may develop in them. Associated or induced odontogenic tumours or hamartomas arc not infrequent, developing adjacently in the fibrous wall.

Calcifying Odontogenic Cyst
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