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Clinical manifestation

Pediculosis capitis (head lice) organisms most commonly found in retroauricular scalp nits attach to hair shafts just above level of the scalp pruritus with evidence of excoriation, particularly on the upper neck Pediculosis corporis (body lice) nits found in the seams of clothing, not on body of host hemosiderin-stained purpuric spots where lice have fed (maculae ceruleae) Pediculosis pubis (pubic lice) lice and nits visible throughout pubic hair, extending onto adjacent hair-bearing areas same organism also infests eyelashes

The Living Rape Victim

Vagina Rape Victim

All clothing should be examined for stains, tears, missing buttons, dirt, gravel, grease, leaves, etc. The patient herself is then examined. The examiner will look for bruises, bites, and lacerations. He will examine the hands to see if the fingernails are broken. Is the pubic hair matted Are there any foreign hairs mixed with the patient's pubic hair The external genitalia are examined for abrasions, lacerations, and hematomas (Figure 18.1). The vagina and cervix are then examined internally by the use of an unlubricated speculum. All injuries are described.

Eye Safety

Istration (FDA) has mandated the use of appropriate eyewear when performing resurfacing. There is a major misconception among physicians that any protective eyewear is adequate. Although the CO2 wavelength is relatively easy to filter, that is not the case for the erbium-YAG, nor for any vascular, tattoo, or hair-removal laser. When working around the patient's eye, the use of metal scleral protectors is required.

The Body

The clothing is reexamined after removal for additional trace evidence. The medical examiner can now begin the examination of the body, documenting any evidence of trauma by written notes, diagrams, x-rays, or photography. At the same time, the medical examiner will begin to collect trace evidence from the body. Samples of head hair should be obtained and retained. These can be compared with hair found clutched in the hands in a vehicle used to transport a body on a suspected assailant or, if there was blunt trauma to the head, hair recovered from a suspected murder weapon. The pubic hair is combed to recover any foreign hair deposited there from the pubic hair of the assailant. The combings and the comb are placed in a labeled envelope. In the case of a deceased victim, 15-20 pubic hairs are pulled with forceps and placed in a separate envelope to serve as controls when examining the loose hair. In a living victim, an equal number of pubic hairs are...