Administration of the PIADS

The PIADS is a self-report measure that can be easily administered individually, in a group, or via telephone. The procedure is the same whether the PIADS is administered individually or in a group, although it is important to preserve the confidentiality of the individuals during group administration. Each respondent must be provided with a pen or pencil and a flat surface to write on. Every effort must be made to ensure that the respondent is comfortable during the administration of the scale. The PIADS has been used with both children aged 10 and up and adults. Instructions for administering the PIADS by phone are included.

Respondents are told why they are completing the scale and asked to select the box that best represents how they are affected by wearing or using their device. They must be asked to respond as honestly as they can and to respond in light of how they are affected by the device as opposed to how they would like to be affected by the device. It is important that the respondents thoroughly understand the instructions. It is preferable that the test administrator be present during the administration to answer questions. (See the instructions on how to administer the PIADS from respondent and caregiver perspectives.) The PIADS may also be used to assess a respondent's expectations of device impact (i.e., anticipated impact, prior to using the device). In this instance, there is a modified set of instructions that can be given.

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