Body Image Questionnaire

Body Image Questionnaire has been developed by Ulrich Clement, &Bernd Löwe. Original instruments has been published in German. This instrument purpose is assess body image disturbances. The BIQ consists of 20 items assessing the dynamic body image and rejected body image.

Abbreviated Name: FKB20 (Fragebogen zum Körperbild) Author(s): Ulrich Clement, Bernd Löwe Purpose: To assess body image disturbances Population: Adult Age Range: years

Type of Instrument: Quality of Life / Psychosocial/ Psychological / Satisfaction Mode of Administration:

Self-administered 10 - 20 minutes 5-point Likert scale Global score Scores by dimension Higher scores show better QoL


Time required: Response Options: Scoring:

Score Direction: Number of Items: 20 Original Language: German

Existing Translations: English, Dutch, French, Polish

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