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The Swedish Health related Quality of Life Survey (SWED-QUAL) was developed by Brorsson et al. from the measures used in the US Medical Outcomes Study (MOS). The questionnaire, which is designed to measure health related quality of life, consists of 70 items, of which 63 forms two single-item and 11 multiitem dimension scales of Likert type: physical functioning (7 items), mobility (1 item), satisfaction with physical ability (1 item), role limitations due to physical health (3 items), pain (6 items), emotional well-being: positive affect (i.e. positive feelings; 6 items), emotional wellbeing: negative affect (i.e. negative feelings; 6 items), role limitations due to emotional health (3 items), sleep problems (7 items), satisfaction with family life (relations with parents, siblings, children etc.; 4 items), relation to partner (6 items), sexual functioning (4 items) and general health perception (9 items).

Abbreviated Name: Swed-Qual Author(s): Bengt Brorsson

Purpose: To assess QoL in populations with chronic diseases and make comparisons to population norm data

Population: Adult

Age Range : 18-84 years

Type of Instrument: Quality of life

Mode of Administration:

Rater: Self-administered

Time required: 10-15 minutes

Response Options: 4-point Likert scale

Scoring: Global score: Minimum score: 0 / Maximum score: 100

Scores by dimension Score Direction: Higher scores show better QoL

Number of Items: 61 Original Language: Swedish Existing Translations : English

Contact for information and permission to use:

Bengt Brorsson

Swedish Council on Technology Assessment in Health Care SBUBox 5650 114 86 Stockholm Sweden

Phone: +46 8 412 32 00 Fax: +46 8 411 32 60 E-mail: [email protected]

Dimensions covered by the questionnaire :

• Physical functioning (7 items)

• Satisfaction with Physical Ability (1 item)

• Role Limitation due to Physical Health (3 items)

• Emotional Health (3 items)

- Positive effect (6 items)

- Negative effect (6 items)

- Sleep problems (6 items)

• General Health Perception :

- Current health (3 items)

- Prior health (2 items)

- Resistance to illness (2 items)

- Health concern (1 item)

• Family Functioning :

- Satisfaction with family (4 items)

- Marital functioning (6 items)

- Sexual functioning (4 items)

Key References:

1. Brorsson B, Ifver J, Hays D. The Swedish Health Related Quality of Life Survey (SWED-QUAL). Quality of Life Research 1993;2(1):33-45

We present a Swedish Health-Related Quality of Life Survey (SWED-QUAL) that was adapted from measures used in the Medical Outcome Study (MOS). The development of these measures spans more than 20 years and their reliability and validity have been extensively tested. The SWED-QUAL consists of 61 items that form 11 multi-item scales tapping aspects of physical, mental, social and general health. The instrument was mailed in 1991 to a random stratified sample of 2,366 individuals from the Swedish general population aged 18-84 years and to a stratified random sample of 2,349 individuals who had been seriously injured in a traffic accident. The response rates were 61% and 59%, respectively. Telephone follow-up of non-responders indicate that most of those tended to have a better health-related quality of life than responders. The SWED-QUAL satisfied all of the psychometric criteria that were evaluated. Multitrait scaling provided strong support for item discrimination. Cronbach's alpha exceeded 0.78 for all scales. Scores tended to be lower among older than younger people, and among females compared to males. The good response rate indicates that the content of the SWED-QUAL is considered relevant by people at large, that the results from the general population sample could be used for comparisons with other samples and the instrument used for further studies of the effectiveness of a broad spectrum of medical interventions.

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