killer cells [95], neutrophils [96], and eosinophils [97]. The presence of EPCR on both human monocytes and cultured U937 cells appears to mediate the suppression of stauro-sporine-induced apoptosis by rhAPC (Figure 4.6) [69]. In addition, although the expression of EPCR on neutrophils is low, APC reduced response to certain chemotaxis agents in EPCR-expressing neutrophils as well as in eosinophils [97]. However, neither neutrophils nor eosinophils [97] were resistant to apoptosis with APC treatment, suggesting possible differences in response to EPCR signaling in different leukocyte populations or differences in APC dose response. The ability of APC to modulate both the endothelial and select leukocyte responses to inflammatory stimuli through the same receptor suggests a tight coupling at the vascular interface.

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