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. Sideroblasiie anemia'-'.

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Acute blond loss

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Canter, dysplasia ic.>>., myelophthisic Anemia) P. Anemia of chronic disease (some') '■} AoUmk. am-mia

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Other clues to the presence of hemolytic anemia:

■ Elevated lactate dehydrogenase s Elevated bilirubin (unconjugated as well as conjugated if the liver is working)

s Jaundice

■ Low or absent haptoglobin (intravascular hemolysis)

m Positive urobilinogen, bilirubin, hemoglobin in urine (only conjugated bilirubin appears in the urine, and hemoglobin appears only when haptoglobin has been saturated, as in brisk intravascular hemolysis)

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