Signs And Symptoms Of Deficiency


Night blindness, icaly'rash, xerophthalmia {dry eyes); BHr>ls spots (debris oir'cohjunctiva), iacreas'ed. infections

Rickets, osteomalacia, hypocalcemia ■

■Anemia, peripheral neuropathy, ataxia

Hemorrhaged prolonged prothrombin time '■

Wet beriberi (bigli-outpm. cardiac failure), dry beriberi (peripliml netyrop'athy), Wcriru he ar>d' Korsakoff syndromes

Cheilosis, angular stomatitis, dermatitis'

Pellagra (dementia, dermatitis, diarrhea), stomatitis

Peripheral neuropathy. cheilosis, siomatitisi, convulsions in infants, micrtKytic anemia, sebotdieic dermatitis

Megaloblastic anemia pit» oeurologic symptoms

Megaloblastic .aiitoiia- without' neurologic- symptoms

Scurvy (hemorrhages--sfcin petechiae, bone, gums; .loose teeth; gingivitis), poor wqirnd healing, Hyperkeratoitc liair follicles,, bone pain (front periosteal, hemorrhages)' ■

Pseudotumor ewibri, bone finckwring, iffratogcnicity'-

Hypercalcemia, nausea-ami! vomiting,. renal effects NecnitKiag enterocolitis (infants) Renioiysisfkenjieterus) -

. Peripheral neuropath}' (only B vitamin wirb toxicity)

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