Signs Symptoms and Syndromes

Babinski's sign.: stroking the foot yields extension oí'the big toe and fanning of other toes in. patients with upper motor neuron disease.

Beck's triad: jugular vein distention, muffled heart sounds, and hypotension in cardiac tamponade; do pericardiocentesis.

Brudzlnski's sign: pain on neck flexion with meningeal irritation.

Charcot's triad: fever and chills, jaundice, and right upper quadrant pain in patients with cholangitis.

Conrvoisier's sign: a painless, palpable gallbladder should make you think of pancreatic cancer.

Chvostek's sign: tapping on the facial nerve elicits tetany in hypocalcemia.

C.ullen's sign: bluish discoloration of periumbilical area due to retroperitoneal hemorrhage (pancreatitis).

Cushing's reflex: hypertension, bradycardia, and irregular respirations with very high intracranial pressure.

Grey-Turner sign: bluish discoloration of flank from retroperitoneal hemorrhage (think of pancreatitis).

Homan's sign: calf pai n on forced dorsillexion of the foot in patients with deep vein thrombosis. Kehr's sign: pain in the left shoulder with a ruptured spleen,

I.eriche's syndrome: claudication and atrophy of the buttocks with impotence (seen with aor-toiliac occlusive disease).

McBurney's sign: tenderness at McBurney's point with appendicitis.

Murphy's sign: arrest of inspiration when, palpating right upper quadrant under the rib cage in patients with cholecystitis.

Ortolani's sign/test: a palpable or audible click with abduction of an infant's flexed hip means congenital hip dysplasia.

Prelm'ssign: elevation of a painful testicle relieves pain in epididymitis (vs. torsion).

Rovsing's sign: pushing on the left lower quadrant produces pain at: McBurney's point in. pa tients with appendicitis.

Tinel's sign: tapping on the volar surface of the wrist elicits paresthesias in carpal tunnel syndrome.

Trousseau's sign: pumping up a blood pressure cuff causes carpopedal spasm (tetany) in hypocalcemia.

Virchow's triad: stasis, endothelial damage, and hypercoagulability (three broad categories of risk factors for deep vein thrombosis).

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