Tinea Corporis

Affects trunk and extremities: Erythematous annular scaly patches with "active border," central clearing; #1 cause = T. rubrum.

Tinea Pedis

1. Interdigital type: Macerated, scaly plaques in toe web spaces, can be portal of entry for cellulitis of the foot, especially in diabetics. (Tip: in recurrent leg cellulitis, look for tinea pedis!)

2. "Moccasin" type: Dryness, scaling and erythema of the plantar and/or lateral foot.

3. Vesicular type: vesicles, pustules, or bullae on the feet. ■ "One hand, two feet disease": Common clinical presentation of tinea pedis involving one hand and both feet.

Tinea Cruris

Inner thighs and inguinal folds; tinea faciei: face; tinea manuum: hands; tinea barbae: beard area.

Tinea Capitis

Alopecia with scale, kerion (boggy mass), or discrete pustules; very contagious.

Tinea Unguium/Onychomycosis

Tinea Unguium/Onychomycosis

See onychomycosis section.

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