Draize Test

The Draize sensitization test (DT) (26,27) was the first predictive sensitization test accepted by regulatory agencies. One flank of 20 guinea pigs is shaved and 0.05 ml of a 0.1% solution of test material in saline, paraffin oil, or polyethylene glycol is injected into the anterior flank on day 0. Every other day through day 20, 0.1 mL of the test solution is injected into a new site on the same flank. After a 2-week rest period, the opposite untreated flank is shaved and 0.05 mL of test solution is injected into each animal (challenge). Twenty previously untreated controls are injected at the same time. The test site is visually evaluated 24 h and 48 h after injection. A larger or more intensely erythematous response than that of controls is considered a positive response.

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