Partial Veneer Crown

Partial Veneer Crown
Fig. 10-1 A, Partial veneer crowns serving as retainers on the premolars for a four-unit FPD replacing the maxillary first molar. B, Maxillary premolars restored with gold inlays, molar restored with gold onlay. These restorations have served for about 30 years.

denture (FPD). It can be used on both anterior and posterior teeth. Because it does not cover the entire coronal surface, it tends to be less retentive than a complete crown and is less resistant to displacement. Unless the partial veneer is very carefully prepared, the reduced retention may contraindicate its use. Inlays and onlays are even less retentive than partial veneer crowns and are not recommended for FPD abutment retainers. However, they provide the advantages of a casting, with less enamel removal than a crown. When carefully performed, they can produce an exceptionally long-lasting restoration.

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