Sanitary Or Hygienic Pontic

As its name implies, the primary design feature of the sanitary pontic allows easy cleaning, because its tissue surface remains clear of the residual ridge (Fig. 20-10). This hygienic design permits easier

Hygienic Pontic Ridge Relation
Fig. 20-10. A "hygienic" or "sanitary" pontic replacing a mandibular molar where there has been considerable bone loss.


Pontic Design

Recommended Location



Gauze Strips For Teeth

plaque control by allowing gauze strips and other cleaning devices to be passed under the pontic and seesawed in shoe-shine fashion. Its disadvantages include entrapment of food particles, which may lead to tongue habits that may annoy the patient. The hygienic pontic is the least "toothlike" design and is therefore reserved for teeth seldom displayed during function (i.e., the mandibular molars).

A modified version of the sanitary pontic has been developed . 16 Its gingival portion is shaped like an archway between the retainers. This geometry permits increased connector size while decreasing the stress concentrated in the pontic and connectors." It is also less susceptible to tissue proliferation that can occur when a pontic is too close to the residual ridge (Fig. 20-11).

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