Treatment Of Symptoms

The relief of discomfort accompanying an acute condition is a priority item in planning treatment (Fig. 3-31). Discomfort can be due to one or more of the following: a fractured tooth or teeth, acute pul-pitis, acute exacerbation of a chronic pulpitis, dental abscess, an acute pericoronitis or gingivitis, and myofascial pain dysfunction.

The clinician needs only sufficient diagnostic information to ascertain the nature of a particular condition and to form a diagnosis; treatment is instituted without delay. A full examination is neither desirable nor generally possible until the symptoms of the acute condition have been addressed.

Urgent Treatment of Nonacute Problems. Fortunately, most potential candidates for fixed prosthodontics do not seek treatment for acute conditions; however, they may have a specific problem that should receive immediate attention, such as a lost anterior crown, a cracked or broken porcelain veneer, or a fractured removable prosthesis (Fig. 3-32).

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