Tympanic Membrane

8K 16KHz

Figure 6.5 Right ear. Grade I atelectasis with the malleus slightly medialized. An epitympanic retraction pocket is also seen. Middle ear effusion with yellowish color can be appreciated. Pure tone audiogram revealed a 40-dB conductive hearing loss (Fig. 6.6), whereas the tympanogram was type B, i.e., typical of middle ear effusion (Fig. 6.7). In this case, the insertion of a ventilation tube is indicated to avoid further retraction of the tympanic membrane, to aerate the middle ear, and to improve hearing.

Figure 6.6 Audiogram of the same case showing a 40-dB conductive hearing loss.

Tympanic Membrane Retraction Grade

Figure 6.8 Right ear. Grade I atelectasis. The tympanic membrane is markedly thinned due to partial resorption of the lamina propria. The incus is seen in transparency. Pure tone audiogram is normal (Fig. 6.9), whereas the tympanogram has a very high compliance (Fig. 6.10). As the tympanic membrane is mobile with the Valsalva maneuver, insertion of a ventilation tube is not indicated.

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