Ultrasound can often demonstrate urine flowing into the bladder from a ureteral orifice.

219 Prostate, rectum, bladder

220 Prostate, rectum, bladder

221 Prostate, seminal vesicles

222 Prostate, seminal vesicles

Prostate in Transverse Sections

223 Prostate, urethra, bladder

224 Prostate, urethra, bladder

225 Prostate, bladder

226 Seminal vesicles, bladder

Anatomy Prostate With Ultrasound
► 219 Prostate, rectum, bladder
Anatomy Prostate With Ultrasound
► 220 Prostate, rectum, bladder
Anatomy Prostate With Ultrasound

The prostate appears onion-shaped in longitudinal section.

Prostate Structure Anatomy

Behind the prostate is the rectum, usually appearing as a gas-filled structure.

Cranial Ultrasound Anatomy
► 221 Prostate, seminal vesicles
Seminal Vesical Ultrasound
► 222 Prostate, seminal vesicles
223 Round Anatomy

The seminal vesicles are in contact with the bladder over their entire length.

Cranial Ultrasound Anatomy

The seminal vesicles are located lateral and cranial to the prostate.

Shaped Uterus Ultrasound
► 223 Prostate, urethra, bladder
Shaped Uterus Ultrasound
► 224 Prostate, urethra, bladder
Oval Hypoechioc Structure

The urethra can be identified as a hypoechoic round structure within the prostate.

Oval Hypoechioc Structure

The prostate presents an oval, chestnut-like shape in cross section.

Seminal Vesical Ultrasound
► 226 Seminal vesicles, bladder
Ultrasound Aorta Anatomy Branches


The middle lobe of the prostate with the urethral orifice may protrude somewhat into the bladder.

Shaped Uterus Ultrasound

The seminal vesicles, around 5cm long and 1 cm thick, can be seen on the posterior wall of the bladder.

227 Vagina, bladder

228 Vagina, uterus, bladder

229 Vagina, uterus, bladder

230 Uterus, bladder

231 Uterus, ovary, bladder

232 Bladder, ovary

Uterus in Transverse Sections

233 Vagina, bladder, rectum

234 Uterus, bladder, rectum

235 Uterus, bladder, rectum, ovary

236 Uterus, bladder, rectum, ovaries

► 227 Vagina, bladder
Gunshot Vagina
► 228 Vagina, uterus, bladder
Shaped Uterus Ultrasound

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