Ultrasound Anatomy

The caudate lobe corresponds to subsegment I of the medial segment and is located lateral and anterior to the vena cava. Most of the medial segment consists of subsegment IV.

Anatomy Breast Ultrasound

The boundary between the lateral and medial segments, i.e., between the anatomical left and right lobes of the liver, is the ligamentum teres.

Ultrasound Ligamentum Teres

► 63 Left hepatic vein, ligamentum teres, boundary between lateral and medial segments, caudate lobe

Quadrate And Caudate Lobe
► 64 Medial segment, subsegment IV, quadrate lobe
Quadrate Lobe The Liber

The caudal part of the medial segment, the quadrate lobe, is situated between ligamentum teres and the gallbladder.

The quadrate lobe is part of subsegment IV.

Ligamentum Teres Ultrasound
► 66 Middle hepatic vein, boundary between medial and anterior segmentst
Anatomy The Liver Ultrasound

The plane of the gallbladder and vena cava forms the boundary plane between the medial and anterior segments of the liver.

Ultrasound Anatomy Liver

The middle hepatic vein marks the boundary between the medial and anterior segments in the cranial part of the liver.

Liver Segments
► 67 Anterior segment, subsegments VIII and V
Right Portal Vein Anterior Ultrasound
► 68 Right hepatic vein, boundary between anterior and posterior segments


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